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Customize your 2024 GASGAS dirt bike from your smartphone with the groundbreaking Connectivity Unit Offroad (CUO) and GASGAS+ app! Available now for our 4-stroke motocross and cross country models only, the CUO can be found at all GASGAS dealers worldwide while the app can be downloaded to your smartphone for free! Offering full customization of your bike’s power delivery, the ability to save multiple motor set-ups, and taking the guesswork out of suspension set-up, the CUO and GASGAS+ app are a real game-changer for all riders.

  • New Connectivity Unit Offroad and GASGAS+ app available now
  • Create and save multiple motor and suspension set-ups to suit different tracks
  • Improve your riding and technical abilities using the new, free to download GASGAS+ app
Watch our new Tech Talk video explaining GASGAS+ and the CUO in more detail.

Making sure you get maximum performance from your bike is what the new Connectivity Unit Offroad was designed for. After introducing the CUO on the 2024 MC 250F Factory Edition and MC 450F Factory Edition bikes last year, we now want all GASGAS 4-stroke riders to benefit from the latest dirt bike technology. As you play with settings and learn, your riding and technical knowledge will grow together, helping you to develop as both a rider and bike tuner!

Available now, the CUO is easy to fit and once paired with the new GASGAS+ app you can begin tuning the power to suit your style, or the track conditions, using your phone. Multiple set-ups can be saved for future reference and applied at various circuits, saving you time, and making sure you ride with the best performance from your motor. Owners of our 2024 Factory Edition models love the CUO, so if you own a stock 4-stroke GASGAS motocross or cross country bike, you can now benefit from the same technology.

If you’re just looking to perfect your suspension set-up, then the free GASGAS+ app is just what you need to ride in complete comfort on any type of circuit. After guiding you through setting the sag, you can then start from a number of recommended settings for different racetracks, or start from scratch. The choice is yours and you can save multiple set-ups for various conditions. There’s also a virtual garage within the app where you can add and remove your bike or bikes, view owner’s manuals, and record your maintenance and servicing.

The GASGAS+ app has another awesome feature – RIDER. For this to work you’ll need a special front fender to install a GPS sensor (both are also available now as Technical Accessories) and you’ll then be able to record your lap times, analyze everything about how your bike is running, and so much more…

GASGAS+ App features in a little more detail…

ENGINE – Choose between predefined maps based on the track type, and track conditions, or use the ADVANCED mode to create your map from scratch. The ENGINE feature gives you full control of the Engine Braking, Throttle Response, Traction Control, Launch Control, and Quickshifter sensitivity. You can then save all of your favorite mappings and activate the most suitable one when you arrive at each track, then make changes between sessions or races if you need to.

RIDER – Within this feature of the app, which is powered by LITPro and receives data from the CUO and GPS fitted to the front fender, you can review your session or race by downloading the data into the app for detailed analysis. It offers amazing insights into your riding (lap and section analysis, airtime, corner analysis, and Lap99 analysis) and allows you to visualize your engine data at the same time, with up to 15 values selectable (engine RPM, gear position, throttle position, map switch mode, and many more). Once you download the session you can analyze your performance, compare laps, and compete with others on a virtual leaderboard. The RIDER feature is only available as an annual subscription with a four-week trial period, with pricing then starting at €69,99 in Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Prices are dependent on the ordering country.

SUSPENSION – This feature of the app has two main functions. SAG ASSISTANT helps you find the correct SAG for each individual bike. To achieve this, ‘Bike on Stand’ and ‘Bike with Rider’ are asked by the app when setting the sag. By using the SUSPENSION SETTING section, you can then create multiple, personalized suspension set-ups after inputting your weight in riding gear, and track type and condition. Once you’ve selected your skill level – Basic, Advanced, or Pro – as well as the Track Terrain – Sand, Soft, Medium, or Hard – you’ll be shown recommended settings, which can be fine-tuned and saved for use at other circuits.

The new Connectivity Unit Offroad is available worldwide from February, priced at €149. The GPS sensor is available at €89, with the front fender priced at €39. The GASGAS+ app can be downloaded for free and comes with a 4-week trial of the RIDER feature, afterwards starting at €69.99 annually. Prices dependent on ordering country.

Learn everything about our new app, GASGAS+, right here.