GASGAS is all about performance bikes that ignite the fun of two-wheeled action!

Proud of our dirt bike heritage, today, just as it was when GASGAS first started, it’s all about our passion for producing unmistakable and energetic bikes. We’re committed to the future, using our technical know-how and engineering experience to continue launching innovative, high-performance products.

GASGAS have a distinctive Spanish flair, an inviting, down-to-earth character, and a love of bold statements and colors, all of which is reflected in our robust product line. Everything that GASGAS produces is built to provide riders with maximum enjoyment without any fuss.

GASGAS is all about being user-friendly, welcoming to all riders, and celebrating a shared passion for bikes. This community-driven mindset bears testament to the vibrant and playful GASGAS persona.

Our bikes offer something for everyone, enabling riders to get together with friends, hit the track or trails, seek out fun and adventure and enjoy the ride.