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It was a roller-coaster of a week at the 95th running of the FIM International Six Days Enduro (ISDE) and GASGAS riders Johnny Girroir and Ryan Sipes made the best of the challenge, placing fifth in E1 and fourth in E3, respectively – helping to take the U.S. team to third in the World Trophy category. 
  • GASGAS riders help take the U.S. World Trophy Team to third-place
  • Girroir proves steady on the EC 250F with fifth in E1 / 15th OA
  • Sipes puts his EC 300 TPI to the test to finish fourth in E3 / 16th OA
Fielding a seasoned veteran and first-time ISDE rookie, Sipes and Girror made up one-half of the U.S. squad, each offering up their own unique style and flare to the team. Coastal GASGAS Factory Racing’s Girroir, the rookie, stepped outside his comfort zone in the dry and dusty conditions but the east-coast specialist proved he could hold his own, claiming 15th overall with a strong runner-up finish in the final motocross race aboard his EC 250F.
Jonathan Girroir, U.S. World Trophy Team Rider: “The week was tough for me, I had a lot of ups and downs but I’m a rookie, so I learned a lot. I had a good time in the final moto, I got a bad start but I was able to make my way up to third. I crashed and went back to fifth or sixth and then started putting on a charge to catch the leader. It was super cool and I hope to come back next year and win the moto.”
For Sipes, the week didn’t go quite as he had planned individually, but the former ISDE overall winner was able to contribute solid scores to his podium-winning team, along with fourth in the Enduro 3 class. The motocrosser-turned offroad racer is always strong in the moto race and Saturday was no exception as he stayed on the gas aboard his EC 300 TPI to finish with a strong second.
Ryan Sipes, U.S. World Trophy Team Rider: “The event for me was kind of a roller coaster – I’d have a good day, then a bad day and so on – so a little bit frustrating because you have to be consistent here to help the team and I definitely wasn’t. This is one of my favorite things to do of the year, so I’m happy to have been here. I wish I’d have done a little better but you can’t win them all.”
Sipes added, “The final moto was okay for me. I got a good start on the EC 300 TPI and I came out second. I gave it everything I had and pushed it as far as I could to try to get into the lead but I made a few mistakes and was a little bit down on power against the 500s but I left it all out there, so I can’t be mad at that.”
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Results – FIM International Six Days Enduro 2021

Enduro 1
1. Andrea Verona, ITALY, (GASGAS) 4:16:12.52; 2. Mikael Persson, Sweden, (KTM) +1:34.15; 3. Lorenzo Macoritto, Italy, (TM) +4:37.94 … 5. Jonathan Girroir, USA, (GASGAS) +7:12.02
Enduro 2
1. Josep Garcia, Spain, (KTM) 4:14:16.07; 2. Taylor Robert, USA, (KTM) +5:01.16; 3. Dante Oliveira, USA, (KTM) +6:57.20
Enduro 3
1. Matteo Cavallo, Italy, (TM) 4:19:10.57; 2. Matteo Pavoni, Italy, (TM) +1:08.38; 3. Jaume Betriu, Spain, (KTM) +1:35.34; 4. Ryan Sipes, USA, (GASGAS), +4:50.46
Enduro Women
1. Brandy Richards, USA, (KTM) 4:36:27.62; 2. Jane Daniels, GBR, (Fantic) +9:38.32; 3. Mireia Badia, Spain, (GASGAS) +9:57.25
World Trophy Results
1. Italy, 12:55:23.02; 2. Spain, +4:41.46; 3. USA, +7:59.25; 4. Sweden, +12:38.21; 5. Portugal, +36:40.60

Junior World Trophy Results
1. Italy, 13:09:35.91; 2. France, +8:31.21; 3. Sweden, +9:53.45; 4. Chile, +51:28.13; 5. Czech Republic, +57:52.82
Women’s World Trophy Results
1. USA, 9:31:16.84; 2. Great Britain, +15:02.63; 3. Spain, +15:55.45; 4. Portugal, +32:21.65; 5. France, +55:30.39
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